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Here are the top 20 of the 85 winners and their reasons! Congratulations!
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  1. Jessica Clower The Peacock Tea Room 


  1. Jacqueline James The tortuga twins!! I see them every year! I like that they have a different shows throughout the day. 


  1. Scott Curry I love going to the Renaissance Festival because my wife and I are huge Barely Balanced fans - can't go a season without seeing them - and it's a great date day together. 


  1. Amanda Gawrys Nee We love the Dead Bob show!! We also love the safe, friendly environment that it's great to bring the kids!! 


  1. Angela Ford Graham It is so much fun to watch your kids reaction to the Wheel of Death show! 


  1. Beth Justice Sauerbrun We love coming to the GA Renaissance Festival because we get to visit with Mother and Father Goose and their animals! The unconditional love of an animal is one of the most pure things you can experience. Visiting with Abby, Lucy, Charlotte, Peaches and Dusty has become our Happy Place. 


  1. Becca Delk 3 words: Men. In. Kilts! 


  1. Brittany Shelnutt Hair braiding! 


  1. Shane Harper Smoked turkey legs. 'Nuff said. 


  1. Charlie Alexander Robin Hood a merry queen Hords of swords and juggling Men in tights who like to fight With sharp things in their hands YEOW! Clothing jewelry poetry It's like you've own the lottery Stop on by (why notery!) For fun and food and drinks 


  1. Joe Drupiewski Pirates. Easy done. 


  1. Kim Durden It's better than Disneyland! 


  1. Jessica Redwine The humor! The jokes, the skits, the people. It's all good for a laugh, and laughter is important! 


  1. Renee Stanton People watching! You see many a thing at the Ren Fest! 


  1. Amanda Jett The food and the fun!!! 


  1. Matthew Licht I-85 is reopened. 


  1. Donna Yuszkiewicz Best outdoor event in Georgia, every single year! 


  1. Sarah Elizabeth My #1 Reason to go (besides the food) is to TRY TO WIN A DRAGON!!!! one year I'm gonna win a dragon darnit! :) So I guess that could be for the merchants, but definitely the Dragon puppet merchants. 


  1. Destinie Clements To throw tomatoes at someone's face and not be arrested for it  And to buy shoulder pets to freak out boring, unimaginative people! 


  1. Jo Todd Barfield Kinavey It's like living in another era if only for a day.