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We want to make sure you experience everything we have to offer and don't miss out. We have collected a variety our visitor's favorite shows, rides, and foods to experience so that you can create an agenda and receive it in your inbox. We look forward to seeing you at the festival!


  • Working on our lineup for 2018...

    April 14 thru June 3, 2018

  • Equus Maximus - The Extreme Joust

    11:30am, 2:30pm, & 5:30pm

  • Premium Joust Seating Puts You in the Action!

    11:30am, 2:30pm, & 5:30pm

  • The Tortuga Twins
  • Hypnotist Rick Stratton

    To be announced

  • Hey Nunnie, Nunnie

    To be announced

  • NEW! Giving Tree Drums

    To be announced

  • The Ded Bob Sho

    To be announced

  • NEW! Gypsy Geoff Fire Circus

    To be announced

  • Splatter Time Players Mud Show

    To be announced

  • The Green Man


  • Birds of Prey

    To be announced

  • Mother and Father Goose

    On display all day

  • Friar Finnias Finnegan
  • Parrots of the Caribbean

    Displays are open all day

Games & Rides

  • Junior Joust
  • Columbus Ships
  • Drench-A-Wench
  • NEW! Camel Ride
  • Crow’s Nest
  • Dragon Swing
  • Barrel O’ Bedlam
  • Corkscrew Tower
  • Soak-A-Siren
  • Robin Hood Archery
  • King of the Log
  • Vegetable Justice
  • Test of Strength

Food & Drink

  • Giant Roasted Turkey Legges
  • The King's Wienie
  • Steak on a Stake
  • BBQ Pocket Sandwiche
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Macaroni and Cheese on a Stick
  • Key Lime Pie on a Stick
  • Apple Dumpling Sundae
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Death by Chocolate
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Frozen Lemonade
  • Assorted Sodas
  • Coffee, Espresso and Cappuccino
  • Exotic Teas
  • Domestic and Imported Beer and Mead
  • Hard Cider
  • Margaritas

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